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Loader Liomon

Loader Liomon

Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Vaccine DD
Type: Machine DD
Field: Metal Empire


A Machine Digimon that was produced when CAD data for construction machinery leaked onto its server, then fused with the configuration data of a Beast Digimon. Its mane has become a pneumatic drill, and it works primarily in tunnel construction and in the Chrome Digizoid mines. The Chrome Digizoid mines are often surrounded by a solid layer of bedrock, so it boasts both power and stamina, as well as top-class performance among Machine Digimon. There are many Loader Liomon with a stubborn personality due to their pride in their work, but there are many people with the viewpoint that states, "Loader Liomon is just quarrelsome." It seems that one mine, which had the best deposits in the world, was blown away by a fight between Loader Liomon. Its Special Moves are an attack produced by the extremely high-speed rotation of its mane (Boring Storm), and striking with the iron sphere on its tail (Loader Morningstar).

Evolves From

Aquilamon AccelJG
Leomon Bo-1174
Liamon (Jogressed with or without Revolmon) AccelJG
Revolmon (Jogressed with or without Liamon) AccelJG
Sealsdramon Bo-1174

Evolves To

Bantyo Liomon (Jogress with or without Metal Greymon X-Antibody) AccelJG
Darkdramon Bo-1170
Metal Etemon AccelJG
War Greymon X-Antibody AccelJG

Source: Wikimon

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