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Main Info

Level: Child DD
Attribute: Data DD
Type: Beast DD
Field: Nature Spirits


An extremely precious twin Digimon Child. Terriermon is the one with one horn growing from its head, while Lopmon is the one with three horns growing from its head. The way it grows is shrouded in mystery, and though it can be classified as a Beast-species Digimon from its body structure, aside from that it is still not understood. Terriermon has a calm personality, but is very robust. In contrast, Lopmon has the personality of a lonely crybaby. Neither of them seem like "Combat Species" Digimon, but when battling, they show that they are more powerful than they appear. Its Signature Moves are generating a tiny tornado by spinning its ears like a propeller (Petit Twister), and its Unison Technique "Double Typhoon". Its Special Move is spitting out shots of supercooled air (Blazing Ice).

Evolves From

Botamon (Jogressed with Moonmon) DSSM
Moonmon (Jogressed with or without Botamon) DSSM
Pagumon DSCS

Evolves To

Andiramon (Warp Evolution) DT45
Bitmon with the Digimental of Friendship
Black Tailmon DSCS
Bomber Nanimon
Cherubimon (Vice) (Warp Evolution) Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit Ver. 1.5
Devimon DSCS
Flare Lizarmon Bo-459
Galgomon DSCS
Gargomon St-414
Lekismon (with Lunamon and Yuki Agumon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Lynxmon Dα-574
Moosemon Bo-516
Neo Vamdemon Darkness Mode (Shoutmon) (Forced Digi-Xros with Neo Vamdemon Darkness Mode (MetalGreymon) and Shoutmon) XW34
Prairiemon Digimon RPG
Rapidmon Armor (with the Digimental of Fate) St-388
Shiisamon St-402
Strikedramon Bo-1027
Turuiemon Dα-570
Wendimon Da-207
Wizarmon DSCS
Youkomon Da-507
White Lopmon XW34

Source: Wikimon

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