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Main Info

Level: Child DD
Attribute: Vaccine St-11 Free DD
Type: Mammal DD
Field: Nature Spirits


A Mammal Digimon whose body is covered in a hard shell. It has a carefree, charming personality, but occasionally gets hurt if it gets carried away. Just like V-mon and the others, Armadimon is a descendant of an ancient species, so it is able to perform special Armor evolutions. Its Signature Move is striking the opponent with the elongated claws on its forelegs (Scratch Beat). Its Special Move is curling up its body and rushing the opponent (Rolling Stone).

Evolves From

Evolves To

Ankylomon DSCS
Aquilamon Bo-1014
Arbormon Bo-833
Archelomon Bo-518
Boarmon (With or without the Digimental of Courage) Da-571
Chamelemon (With or without the Digimental of Kindness) Bo-989
Cyclomon DSCS
Dark Lizarmon St-145
Deltamon St-146
Digmon (With the Digimental of Knowledge) St-133
Dokugumon St-147
Elephamon (With the Digimental of Miracles) Bo-376
Frogmon (With the Digimental of Purity) Bo-378
Geremon DSCS
Gold Numemon DSCS
Gorimon Bo-14t
Hanumon Bo-1052
Kenkimon (With the Digimental of Friendship) DSSM
Monochromon DC
Pteranomon (With the Digimental of Love) Digimon Adventure 02: The Path to Armor Evolution
Seahomon (With or without the Digimental of Light) Bo-380
Sepikmon (With the Digimental of Friendship) Bo-374
Shakkoumon (Jogressed with Angemon) 4-078
Sheepmon (With or without the Digimental of Hope) Da-575
Shellmon DC
Snimon St-200
Submarimon (With the Digimental of Sincerity) St-126
Tankmon DSCS
Thunderballmon St-178
Togemon Bo-988
Tortamon (Jogressed with or without Gottsumon or Otamamon) DSSM
Tuskmon St-184

Source: Wikimon

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