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Lucemon: Satan Mode

Lucemon: Satan Mode

Main Info

Level: Ultimate Bo-969
Attribute: Virus Bo-969
Type: Demon God Bo-969
Field: Nightmare Soldiers Dark Area


Having the appearance of the dragon of Revelation, it is Lucemon's final form. As was told in the Revelation, it carries the Crowns of the Seven Deadly Sins upon its head, and it holds the orb of darkness, "Gehenna", which absorbs all attacks. All attacks are nullified before the Gehenna, and it is said that the world will perish when Lucemon takes this form. However, Lucemon's true form (Lucemon Larva) exists within the Gehenna, and Satan Mode is no more than Lucemon's shadow. Therefore, no matter how many times Satan Mode is attacked, those attacks will not reach the true form, Lucemon Larva. Its Special Moves are a flame of destruction which purifies everything (Purgatorial Flame), and a light of annihilation fired from the seven Crowns (Divine Atonement).

Evolves From

Beelzebumon (Burst Evolution) DB
Belphemon: Rage Mode (Burst Evolution) DB
Lucemon Falldown Mode (including Lucemon Larva) DF49

Evolves To

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