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Magna Garurumon

Magna Garurumon

Main Info

Level: Hybrid DD [Ultimate] Bo-1211
Attribute: Data Bo-1211 Variable DD
Type: Cyborg DD
Field: Metal Empire Virus Busters


A Transcendent Species Digimon that possesses power over Light which is said to have surpassed even the might of the legendary Ten Warriors. It specializes in moving at light speed, and when its aviation unit is equipped it is able to fly at subluminal speeds. Also, its chest armor, its long-range firing "Sniper Phantom" on its right arm, and its mid-range firing "Strike Phantom" on its left arm are capable of being detached, although this decreases a portion of its firepower. By spinning at high altitudes, the "Laser Sights" on its chest are capable of locking onto all anti-air and anti-ground targets, so as soon as it spins at spins at an extremely high altitude and confirms its targets, it commences a full-scale attack. It seems that it's already too late to escape from Magna Garurumon. Its Special Moves are conducting a simultaneous firing of all its guns at all the locked-on targets, then violently pulverizing the main target at high speed (Machine Gun Destroy), and after detaching its chest armor, accelerating to speeds that exceed the subluminal and reach the superluminal level, then erasing everything that comes in contact with any of the bands of light (Starlight Velocity).

Evolves From

Minamoto Kouji + Human Spirit of Light + Beast Spirit of Light + Human Spirit of Steel + Beast Spirit of Steel + Human Spirit of Darkness + Beast Spirit of Darkness + Human Spirit of Water + Beast Spirit of Water + Human Spirit of Thunder + Beast Spirit of Thunder DF35
Beowulfmon (with or without the (Human Spirit of Light, Beast Spirit of Light, Human Spirit of Steel, Beast Spirit of Steel, Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness, Corrupted Beast Spirit of Darkness, Human Spirit of Water, Beast Spirit of Water, Human Spirit of Thunder and Beast Spirit of Thunder)) Bo-859
Garmmon + Any Perfect Digimon Bo-1211
Magnamon + Any Hybrid Digimon Bo-1211
Wolfmon [N 1] Wolf

Evolves To

Susanoomon (with Kaiser Greymon) Bo-121t

Source: Wikimon

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