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Main Info

Attribute: Unknown Re-43
Type: Dragon DD
Field: Nature Spirits Unknown


A form that evolved from Gumdramon by removing its Kinkoji. It uses a special rubber Battle Armor as its clothing, which manifests Gumdramon's characteristic elasticity at its maximum and further strengthens its defensive side. Its wings have gotten larger, enabling high-speed flight. By changing its tail into a Tail Anchor, it has become able to arrest the opponent in addition to tearing them apart. Its Special Moves are unleashing high-speed punches while bending both of its arms (Mach Flicker), wielding its Tail Anchor to chop up the opponent (Flog Shot), bisecting them with its super-sized Tail Anchor while performing a single revolution (Spin Caliber), and adding to its "Spiral Shredder", in which it rapidly spins to cut them to pieces, by becoming countless revolutions of light then cleaving them apart (Prism Gallet).

Evolves From

Evolves To

Arresterdramon Superior Mode XW76
Xros Up Arresterdramon (Metal Tyranomon) (DigiXros with Metal Tyranomon) XW56
Xros Up Arresterdramon (Sagomon) (DigiXros with Sagomon) XW58
Xros Up Arresterdramon (Dobermon) (DigiXros with Dobermon) XW62
Xros Up Arresterdramon (Sparrowmon) (DigiXros with Sparrowmon) XW64
Xros Up Arresterdramon (Blossomon) (DigiXros with Blossomon) XW71
Xros Up Arresterdramon (Giga Breakdramon) (DigiXros with Giga Breakdramon) XW73
Xros Up Arresterdramon (Orgemon) (DigiXros with Orgemon) XW77
Xros Up Arresterdramon (Astamon) (Double Xros with Astamon) XW77

Source: Wikimon

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