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Marin Devimon

Marin Devimon

Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Aquatic Beast Man DD
Field: Deep Savers Dark Area


A dirty fighter that even Devimon hates to fight. Though it is a subspecies of Devimon, it completely lacks all emotions but hatred due to its lonely life in the ocean depths. In order to win by any means, it won't let up with its attacks even if the opponent loses their fighting spirit. The two tentacles growing from its back each possess their own will, so they will struggle for the catch and act without permission. Its Special Move is discharging a venomous ink from its mouth (Guilty Black).

Evolves From

Depthmon (Jogressed with or without Tylomon} Bo-339
Dinohumon St-737
Evilmon (Jogressed with Gesomon) DSSM
Gesomon (Jogressed with or without Evilmon) DSSM
Ice Devimon St-737
Mantaraymon Bo-1038
Meramon AccelEG
Octmon St-39
Orcamon Bo-434
Rukamon PDWCN
Seahomon Bo-434
Submarimon (Jogressed with Tylomon) Bo-339
Whamon PDWCN

Evolves To

Ancient Megatheriumon Bo-1037
Demon Bo-414
Leviamon Digimon Crusader
Lilithmon (Jogressed with Blossomon) DSSM
Metal Seadramon (Jogressed with or without Anomalocarimon or Metal Tyranomon) DSSM
Mugendramon AccelEG
Piemon (with Blue Meramon, Fantomon and Matadrmon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Plesiomon PDWCN
Pukumon (Jogressed with any Perfect Digimon or certain Digimon from the Pendulum series) Pen2.5
Seraphimon AccelEG
Vikemon (Jogressed with Mermaimon) Bo-1032

Source: Wikimon

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