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Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Data DD
Type: Aquatic Beast Man DD
Field: Deep Savers


This Digimon, which takes the form of the mythical Mermaid, can live even in the coldest sea of the Digital World. It is one of the most inscrutable Digimon known. Like a siren, highlights the beauty of its singing and its ability to hypnotize anyone who listen it. Digimon who own data, as a treasure, are attracted and charmed by it just before their goods are looted as its desire for the treasures of both worlds is very strong. Therefore, it is said that all this looted treasures lie somewhere in the Net Ocean, but as soon claim the ownership of this flow as it is bored of it and undone. Its Special Moves are Charm Plunder in which it seduces its opponent with its appearance to loot its wealth, and Northern Cross Bomber that crushes the enemy by shooting its golden anchor.

Evolves From

Coatlmon St-907
Depthmon St-907
Hookmon (with or without Coelamon and Ebidramon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Nefertimon St-907
Orcamon Bo-1143
Rukamon Da-311
Tylomon Bo-1043

Evolves To

Ancient Mermaimon (with or without Ancient Evolution , the Spirit of Water or Anomalocarimon, Whamon Perfect and Coelamon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Babamon St-838
Dianamon Re-57
Marin Angemon (with or without Piccolomon and Whamon Perfect) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Neptunemon Da-349
Vikemon (Jogressed with Marin Devimon) Bo-1032

Source: Wikimon

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