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Metal Etemon

Metal Etemon

Main Info

Level: Perfect DW Ultimate DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Cyborg DD
Field: Metal Empire Nature Spirits


The "King of Digimon". It was once called the strongest Digimon. It went out to fight harsh battles in order to search out a mighty person, and though it was able to acquire valuable combat data, it was also considerably injured due to the constant battles. It then studied its own weaknesses from the data acquired through battling, and has now been perfectly reborn as an ultimate combat machine by full metallizing itself. Its body surface has a full coating of the Chrome Digizoid metal used by Metal-species Digimon. While its basic combat abilities have been raised to their maximum, its Special Move is tripping the opponent (Banana Slip). An invincible fighter which has acquired Strong- and Dirty-style wrestling skills has been born.

Evolves From

Andromon DWRe
Black King Numemon DSCS
Chimairamon AccelJG
Dagomon AccelJG
Etemon (Jogressed with or without Any Perfect Digimon) Bo-197
Garudamon X-Antibody AccelJG
Giromon (Jogressed with Insekimon) Bo-197
Holy Angemon AccelJG
Insekimon (Jogressed with or without Giromon or Tonosama Gekomon) DSSM
Loader Liomon AccelJG
Metal Greymon X-Antibody AccelJG
Metallife Kuwagamon AccelJG
Monzaemon DWReD
Okuwamon (Jogressed with certain Digimon from the Pendulum seriesor Any Perfect Digimon) Bo-27
Tonosama Gekomon (Jogressed with Insekimon , certain Digimon from the Pendulum series or Any Perfect Digimon) Bo-27
Tonosama Mamemon (Jogressed with Any Perfect Digimon)
Volcdramon AccelJG
Waru Monzaemon DW2

Evolves To

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