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Metal Tyranomon

Metal Tyranomon

Main Info

Level: Perfect Bo-133
Attribute: Virus Bo-133
Type: Cyborg Bo-133
Field: Metal Empire Unknown


A Cyborg Digimon that remodeled its body in order to acquire mightier powers. After Megadramon was remodeled for anti-air use, Metal Tyranomon was remodeled as an anti-ground interceptor Digimon. Its reinforced body deflects all attacks, and it possesses the terrifying offensive power to smash through armor with its sturdy chin, no matter how hard it may be. Its Special Moves are a missile fired from its right arm (Giga Destroyer II), and an energy shell fired from its left arm (Nuclear Laser).

Evolves From

Agnimon St-767
Airdramon PenP1
Clockmon DC
Dark Lizarmon St-164
Dark Tyranomon VPet5
Deltamon St-295
Devidramon VPet5
Flare Lizarmon St-767
Flymon VPet5
Guardromon St-295
Golemon St-208
Greymon DWReD
Growmon DSCS
Lighdramon (with or without Fladramon) St-148
Mechanorimon (Jogressed with or without Tyranomon or Tankmon) DSSM
Maildramon St-574
Monochromon PDW
Red V-dramon Digital Monster: D-Project
Sheepmon St-906
Tankmon (Jogressed with or without Mechanorimon or Tyranomon) DSSM
Tuskmon DW2
Tyranomon (Jogressed with or without Tankmon or Mechanorimon) DSSM
V-dramon DSCS
XV-mon PenP1
Yaksamon St-767

Evolves To

Ancient Troiamon (with Jyureimon, Rook Chessmon (Black) and Knight Chessmon (White)) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Armagemon Digital Monster: D-Project
Black Saint Galgomon St-562
Black War Greymon DSCS
Cannondramon Bo-873
Chaosdramon (with Metal Greymon) St-807
Darkdramon (Jogressed with Mametyramon or Metal Greymon) DSSM
Dukemon DSCS
Examon (with Rize Greymon, Aero V-dramon, Vermillimon and DORUguremon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Goddramon X-Antibody Bx-85
Megidramon St-764
Metal Seadramon (Jogressed with Marin Devimon or Anomalocarimon) DSSM
Metal Tyranomon X-Antibody (with X-Antibody)
Mugendramon (with or without Megadramon, Andromon and Metal Mamemon , Megadramon or Gigadramon) DSSM
Rust Tyranomon DSCS
Ulforce V-dramon PenP1
War Greymon Bo-198
Xros Up Arresterdramon (Metal Tyranomon) (Digi-Xros with Arresterdramon)
Zanbamon (with Metal Greymon) Bo-313

Source: Wikimon

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