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Main Info

Level: Baby II DD
Attribute: Free Digimon Series Memorial Book None DD
Type: Larva DD
Field: -


A Digimon that is an evolution of Leafmon, which went into a tough outer shell. On days with good weather, or when its in a good mood, it sticks its face out of its shell and vegetates. It hangs onto high places with the ivy (hair?) growing from its head, and moves by hanging onto large Digimon, but if it's over a short distance, it is also able to move by floating through the air. Due to its vegetative personality, it has a fault of not easily showing its emotions on its face. Also, as solitude is its "specialty", it has the inner fortitude to not be discouraged even if it gets worried and anxious. Its Special Move is throwing a hard, pine cone-shaped substance (Pinecone).

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