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Main Info

Level: Perfect DWDCB Ultimate Bo-55
Attribute: Virus Bo-55
Type: Cyborg Bo-55 Machine Bo-136
Field: Metal Empire


With its whole body in 100% full metal, it is the Digital World's strongest Digimon. It was built by synthesizing the parts of many Cyborg Digimon, and it is thought that all of the Cyborg Digimon produced so far were merely prototypes for the completion of Mugendramon. Its power is at a level that would overwhelm other Digimon, and it possesses an intellect which boasts incomparable throughput, but it is a purely mechanical Digimon which does not share their self-will. Instead, someone planted a program containing evil intentions within the Digicore at the center of its body, and Mugendramon is supplied with infinite power from that malice-filled Digicore. Its Special Move is superdreadnought-class energy waves fired from its two cannons (∞ Cannon).

Evolves From

Aero V-dramon Bo-55
Andromon (with or without Metal Tyranomon, Megadramon and Metal Mamemon) Digimon Xros Wars - Chapter 10Digimon Xros Wars: Xros Revolution The Guide to Miracles
Chimairamon PDW
Gigadramon (Jogressed with or without Megadramon or Metal Tyranomon) DSSM
Kenkimon DSLE
Marin Devimon AccelEG
Megadramon (with or without Metal Tyranomon, Andromon and Metal Mamemon , any Perfect Digimon , certain Digimon from the Pendulum series , Gigadramon or Metal Tyranomon) DSSM
Megalo Growmon St-580
Metal Greymon Bo-55
Metal Greymon (Virus) Bo-55
Metal Mamemon (with Metal Tyranomon, Andromon and Megadramon) Digimon Xros Wars - Chapter 10Digimon Xros Wars: Xros Revolution The Guide to Miracles
Metal Tyranomon (with or without Megadramon, Andromon and Metal Mamemon , Megadramon or Gigadramon) DSSM
Monzaemon Digimon RPG
Nanomon DSCS
Phantomon St-279
Skull Greymon DS
Tankdramon AccelEG
Vermillimon Bo-436
Volcamon AccelEG
Waru Monzaemon (Jogressed with any Perfect Digimon or certain Digimon from the Pendulum series) Pen5

Evolves To

Apocalymon (Jogress with or without Piemon) Bo-163
Chaosdramon (with or without Dukemon and Ancient Volcamon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Hi Mugendramon (with Scorpiomon) XW14
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (Black) St-579
Millenniumon (Jogress with Chimairamon) WS-1

Source: Wikimon

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