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Atlur Kabuterimon (Red)

Atlur Kabuterimon (Red)

Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Vaccine DD
Type: Insect DD
Field: Nature Spirits Jungle Troopers


An evolution of Kabuterimon that was discovered within the tropical region of the Net Area. It is almost 1.5 times Kabuterimon's size, and is quite large among Insect Digimon. It is a similar species to Atlur Kabuterimon (Blue); like that Digimon, the strength of its horn, which is its main weapon, has soared, but the flight ability of this Atlur Kabuterimon seems to have surpassed the other. Also, muscular tissues have appeared on the base of its forelimbs, so its grappling ability has also improved. Its behavior, with the exception of its survival instincts, has been observed to consist of protecting the weak, and there are even times when its behavior has appeared knight-like. Its Special Move is stabbing the opponent with its gigantic horn (Horn Buster).

Evolves From

Birdramon DWRe
Digmon Bo-726
Drimogemon (Jogressed with Stingmon or Knight Chessmon (White)) DSSM
Garurumon DWRe
Kabuterimon DSCS
Knight Chessmon (White) (Jogressed with Stingmon or Drimogemon) DSSM
Mothmon St-726
Orgemon DWReD
Scumon Mini2
Stingmon (Jogressed with Drimogemon or Knight Chessmon (White)) DSSM
Sunflowmon DWReD
Tailmon St-98
Vegimon DSCS
Waspmon DSCS
Yanmamon DA02

Evolves To

Ancient Beatmon (Ancient Evolution) (with or without the Spirit of Thunder or Okuwamon, Scorpiomon and Flymon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Gran Kuwagamon (Jogressed with or without Dinobeemon) D3
Grandis Kuwagamon Da-547
Herakle Kabuterimon (Jogressed with or without Paildramon or Okuwamon) DSSM
Herakle Kabuterimon X-Antibody
Holydramon DSCS
Magnamon DWReD
Saint Galgomon Da-3
War Greymon Digimon Circle

Source: Wikimon

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