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Main Info

Level: Adult Da-537
Attribute: Vaccine Da-537 Free DD
Type: Beast DD
Field: Nature Spirits Nightmare Soldiers


An Armor-level Beast Digimon which evolved through the power of the Digimental of Kindness. Its cute looks and trademark colourful balloons make it seem like a Puppet Digimon from a fairy-tale village, but when angered it attacks by spreading around balloons charged with powerful computer viruses, and then detonating them. It's fond of dry, sandy soil, and usually hides under the sand with only its balloons showing above. It hops and bounces through the air when flying, and still keeps a tight hold on its balloons when on the ground. It's an annoying fellow that isn't able to move very fast, but that doesn't mean it's easy to catch. Its Special Move, "Mad Balloon Bomb", is a terrifying technique that breeds powerful computer viruses in the balloons it holds, bursting them as they lightly float over the enemy's head.

Evolves From

Bakumon Da-537
Bokomon Bo-831
Gabumon Da-537
Labramon Bo-831
Neamon Bo-831
Plotmon Da-537
Tailmon (With the Digimental of Kindness) D3V2

Evolves To

Caturamon Da-543
Cho·Hakkaimon XW59
Knightmon (Jogressed with Nefertimon ) Bo-338
Kumbhiramon Da-588
Makuramon Da-582
Pajiramon Bo-567
Xros Up Opossummon (DigiXros with Candmon) XW59

Source: Wikimon

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