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Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Demon Dragon DD
Field: Nature Spirits Nightmare Soldiers Unknown


A gigantic Demon Dragon Digimon which possesses eight heads. However, while there are eight heads, seven of them are dummies, and the black head in the middle is the only real one. The roots of Orochimon's creation are old, and even in the ancient Digital World its menace was a thing immemorial, but although it was a being that could drive an area to the very brink of destruction, it was sealed due to the tamer of a "being" which sought to preserve the harmony of the Digital World. Its Signature Move is to make the opponent completely drunk by intoxicating them with its alcohol-laden breath (Sake Breath). Its Special Move is making the tip of its tail become as sharp as a sword and then cutting the opponent to pieces (Ame no Murakumo).Orochimon was adopted from a winning Digimon illustration entry in the "Bandai-Town FAX Service Digimon Illustration Contest" which belonged to Mr. Noritake Furuta from Niigata prefecture.

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