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Main Info

Level: Ultimate DM02-037
Attribute: Data DM02-037
Type: Holy Beast DM02-037
Field: Metal Empire Nature Spirits Unknown


One of the Four Holy Beasts who protect the Digital World, it guards the West and possesses the attribute of steel. Its reign has lasted since the age of myth, and like the other Four Holy Beast Digimon it is a legendary being, whose strength is said to equal that of a god. Also, although it is the youngest of the Four Holy Beast Digimon, its power is the greatest among the four. Its immortality and tremendous power are brought forth through its twelve Digicores. Baihumon is a neutral being just like Qinglongmon, and it isn't someone who will generally become an ally. Its Special Move is a wave emitted from its mouth which converts the opponent completely into metal (Kongou). The victim of this technique is unable to move while their body rusts, but they are unable to die until they have completely rusted away.

Evolves From

Ancient Garurumon DSLE
Any Perfect Digimon belonging to either Metal Empire or Nature Spirits Jogressed with one of the Deva Dα-598
Caturamon (Jogressed with or without Any Perfect Digimon) DM02-112
Cerberumon (Jogressed with Any Perfect Digimon)
Cerberumon X-Antibody PenP3
Delumon PenP3
Garudamon X-Antibody PenP3
Grappu Leomon (Jogressed with or without Were Garurumon X-Antibody, Metal Greymon, Lucemon Falldown Mode or Holy Angemon) PenP3
Insekimon DW2
Makuramon DM02-112
Mihiramon PenP3
Saber Leomon (with Vikemon, Ancient Wisemon and Tailmon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Sinduramon DM02-112
Were Garurumon Digimon Crusader
Were Garurumon X-Antibody PenP3

Evolves To

Huanglongmon (Jogress with Qinglongmon , Xuanwumon or Zhuqiaomon or Jogressed with all of them) Digimon Masters

Source: Wikimon

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