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Main Info

Level: Ultimate DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Demon Man DD
Field: Nightmare Soldiers


An Ultimate Demon Man Digimon whose body shines gold enough to be baleful. It is said that it evolved from Mummy Digimon, and it boasted absolute power in the ancient Digital World, ruling many areas. As for the mysterious ancient ruins that dot the Digital World, many Digimon were under Pharaohmon's control at the Genesis of the Digital World, and from these places which are said to have been raised in just a few days, that control can be perceived. Its Special Move is emitting a fear-gas that steals the will of hostile Digimon, and slowly desiccates their flesh (Necromist). If you suffer this attack, there are only two options—whether to be lured completely to the world of death, or to serve Pharaohmon as an immortal, even in death.

Evolves From

Blue Meramon Da-053
Kongoumon (Jogressed with Nanomon) DSSM
Lynxmon (Jogressed with Taomon) DSSM
Mummymon (with or without Nefertimon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Mistymon Bo-1007
Nanomon (Jogressed with or without Kongoumon) DSSM
Phelesmon Bo-1007
Skull Greymon Bo-573
Taomon (Jogressed with Lynxmon) DSSM
Waru Monzaemon Bo-372

Evolves To

Source: Wikimon

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