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Ravmon: Burst Mode

Ravmon: Burst Mode

Main Info

Level: Ultimate Da-556
Attribute: Vaccine Da-556
Type: Cyborg Da-556
Field: Wind Guardians


A Ravmon that has temporarily reached the limits of its abilities through Burst Evolution, it is a unique form which wears all the energy within the atmosphere as an aura. Its Special Moves are enlarging its wings to a gigantic size and releasing a dark purple aura (Musou-Tenshou-Yoku-no-Jin), and furiously performing a terrible and wild dance of violence (Dotou-Yami-Kumo-no-Mai). Also, it can stab the opponent in a flash of thunder with its dark purple aura (Raikou-Issen-no-Tsuki).

Evolves From

Ravmon (Jogressed with or without Valdurmon or Valkyrimon or Slash Angemon, Yatagaramon, Peckmon and Falcomon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars

Evolves To

Source: Wikimon

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