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Saber Leomon

Saber Leomon

Main Info

Level: Perfect Digital Monster Ver. S Ultimate DD
Attribute: Vaccine St-671 Data DD
Type: Ancient Beast DD
Field: Nature Spirits Virus Busters


An Ancient Beast Digimon that it said to possess the ability for Mach speed. However, the details are shrouded in mystery, though according to one theory it is a Leomon who was changed into the shape of a beast. It possesses the ability for Mach speed, and with that speed it can easily dodge attacks, no matter how fast they are. Its two over-developed fangs and sharp claws possess tremendous destructive power, and is called the ultimate Digimon. Its Special Move is hardening the countless "Hairs" of its mane and tackling the opponent (Infinity Arrow). Because its hairs are envenomed, those who suffer this attack have their bodies completely paralyzed. Also, its "Nail Crusher", which uses its gigantic claws, is a terrifying technique which tears the opponent to pieces.

Evolves From

Caturamon (Jogressed with Vajramon)
Cerberumon Digital Monster: D-Project
Cyberdramon St-785
Digitamamon Digimon World 2
Grappu Leomon DSCS
Jewelbeemon St-671
Knightmon St-671
Leomon (Warp Evolution) DA47
Lynxmon (Jogressed with Zudomon) DSSM
Mach Gaogamon Da-115
Mammon Da-115
Metal Mamemon Digimon World 2
Monzaemon DSCS
Panjyamon DSCS
Piccolomon (Jogressed with or without Triceramon or certain Digimon of the Pendulum series) Pen1-5
Rapidmon Perfect DS
Triceramon (Jogressed with or without Piccolomon or certain Digimon of the Pendulum series) Pen1-5
Vajramon (Jogressed with Caturamon) St-785
Zudomon (Jogressed with or without Lynxmon) DSSM

Evolves To

Baihumon (with Vikemon, Ancient Wisemon and Tailmon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Bantyo Liomon Digimon Masters
Dinotigemon http://digimoncollector.wiki.fc2.com/wiki/E38387E382A3E3838EE382BFE382A4E382ACE383A2E383B3RE_Dinotigemons_Profile_Digimon_Collectors_/span
Omegamon (Jogressed with War Greymon or Black War Greymon) Digital Monster: D-Project

Source: Wikimon

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