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Main Info

Level: Ultimate DD
Attribute: Data DD
Type: God Man DD
Field: Wind Guardians Nature Spirits Nightmare Soldiers


A Digimon that holds the role of a miko, acting as an agent of God's will. Like Taomon, it freely uses Onmyoudou techniques in battle, and has the ability to employ God Beast-species Digimon. It always carries four pipes on the belt around its waist, within which lurk four kuda-gitsune. It is able to use these kuda-gitsune for everything from attacking to gathering information. Just like Holy Angemon's Priest Mode, it is able to change into a Miko Mode which administers Shinto rituals. Its Signature Move is attacking the opponent with the four kuda-gitsune carried on its waist (Izuna). The four kuda-gitsune possess the attributes of "Fire", "Water", "Wind", and "Thunder", respectively. Its Special Move is striking the ground with its "Kongou Shakujou", spreading a purifying barrier that exorcises evil spirits (Kongoukai Mandara).

Evolves From

Kabukimon (Jogressed with Kyukimon) DSSM
Kuzuhamon (w/ Digital Translator) Bo-76t
Kyukimon (Jogressed with Kabukimon) DSSM
Lilimon DWReD
Mach Gaogamon Da-247
Mephismon St-386
Monzaemon DSCS
Ranamon (Jogressed with Fairymon)
Renamon (Warp Evolution) (with or without Makino Ruki) DT39
Silphymon DSCS
Taomon (with or without Renamon and Kabukimon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Were Garurumon Da-2
Were Garurumon (Black)

Evolves To

Dukemon Crimson Mode (Jogressed with either Saint Galgomon, Dukemon, Black Saint Galgomon or Chaos Dukemon) Digital Monster: D-Project
Kuzuhamon Digimon Masters

Source: Wikimon

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