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Main Info

Level: Adult DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Cyborg DD
Field: Metal Empire


It is said that only the one that passes the "Selection-D", a special selection test that screens through 100 Commandramon, can evolve to Sealsdramon. It is able to move over short distances at speeds that are impossible to perceive with the eyes, and without equipping things like camouflage features or a rifle, it has the ability to bring down its "Target" with just its taijutsu. Its primary function is assassination. Its Special Moves are a single blow from a knife sharpened to its limit (Death Behind), and measuring the opponent's vital points in an instant (Scouter Monoeye).

Evolves From

Evolves To

Andromon (Jogress with Wizarmon) Bo-1152
Loader Liomon
Scorpiomon AccelEG
Tankdramon (Jogress with or without Dobermon) AccelEG
Zudomon AccelEG

Source: Wikimon

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