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Main Info

Level: Adult St-135
Attribute: Virus St-135 Free DD
Type: Insect DD
Field: Nature Spirits


An Armor-level Insect Digimon that evolved through the power of the "Digimental of Courage". To be precise, it took the form of an insect-humanoid, but its form had an unfortunate adverse reaction to the "Digimental of Courage" and became fiendish. As with Fladramon it manipulates flames, and its hand-to-hand combat ability is almost on par, but it is a wicked being, exactly opposite like light and darkness. Its Special Move is a red hot blaze emitted from both hands (Flare Buster).

Evolves From

Gizamon Bo-466
Psychemon Bo-466
Searchmon (With the Digimental of Courage) Digimon Collectors
Wormmon (With the Digimental of Courage) Digimon World: Digital Card Arena

Evolves To

Belial Vamdemon (Jogressed with Vamdemon) DSSM
Karatenmon Bo-527
Megidramon (Jogressed with or without Black Megalo Growmon) DSSM
Were Garurumon (Black) (Jogressed with Owlmon) St-141

Source: Wikimon

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