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Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Demon Man DD
Field: Deep Savers


A Demon Man Digimon banished from the Digital World's heaven. Although it is a calm and collected Digimon, it is said that a certain Digicore was sealed among the nine beads of its necklace, and if even one bead is lost it will be transformed once again into a terrifying Digimon. Its Special Moves are raising a waterspout by freely spinning its astonishing super-heavyweight class "Kouyoujou" staff (Kouyoujou: Kamon no Jin), and striking the ground with its staff to shatter it and release a raging current (Kouyoujou: Taki no Jin). Also, for close combat it can stab with the crescent-moon shaped blade (Getsugazan).

Evolves From

Bakemon iC20X
Gaogamon DB
Gawappamon (With or without Burst Evolution) DB
Geo Greymon DB
Hanumon (Jogressed with Ice Devimon or Sorcerymon) DSSM
Hookmon Da-393
Ice Devimon (Jogressed with Sorcerymon or Hanumon) DSSM
Kamemon (Full Burst Evolution) DB
Karatsuki Numemon DB
Peckmon DB
Sorcerymon (Jogressed with Hanumon or Ice Devimon) DSSM
Reppamon DB
Starmon iC20X
Tylomon DM02-086
Wendimon Da-221
Whamon DM02-086

Evolves To

Barbamon iC20X
Craniummon (Burst Evolution) DB
El Doradimon Da-409
Jumbo Gamemon (With or without Burst Evolution or Jogressed with or without Kamemon) Digimon Collectors
Metal Garurumon iC20X
Metal Seadramon Da-240
Mirage Gaogamon DB
Neptunemon (Jogressed with Hangyomon) DSSM
Ravmon DB
Shine Greymon DB
Sleipmon DB
Surfymon Da-596
Vikemon Da-238

Source: Wikimon

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