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Main Info

Level: Hybrid DD [Perfect] Bo-1209
Attribute: Variable DD
Type: Bird Man DD
Field: Wind Guardians


A Digimon that possesses power over Wind which bears the might of one of the legendary Ten Warriors. At a glance, it looks like a composed adult woman, but although it perplexes its opponents with its languid behavior, it actually has an impish personality that loves to capriciously embarrass people. It does things like purposefully telling its opponent unhappy fortunes or startling them. In battle, it seldom takes the initiative and helps out, but although you don't see its efforts, it will sometimes risk the possibility of getting into trouble. Once it feels so inclined, it glides freely through the sky, manipulating the wind and knocking out the opponent with a secret Mesopotamian spell. Its Special Moves are cutting the opponent and the atmosphere around it to pieces with the claws on its hands and feet (Gilgamesh Slicer), and flying up into the air and hurling the feathers of its hair and wings as pointed arrows (Wind of Pain).

Evolves From

Any Adult or Any Armor Digimon with the Beast Spirit of Wind St-702
Any Perfect Digimon with the Beast Spirit of Wind Bo-712
Fairymon (with or without Slide Evolution and Reverse Slide Evolution or the Beast Spirit of Wind) Bo-110t
Hawkmon (With the Beast Spirit of Wind) St-754
Orimoto Izumi with the Beast Spirit of Wind DF16

Evolves To

Ancient Irismon (Ancient Evolution) St-913
Griffomon Bo-845
Jet Silphymon (Jogressed with or without Fairymon) Bo-881
Lilithmon DM02-111
Silphymon Bo-713

Source: Wikimon

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