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Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Data DD
Type: Holy Bird DD
Field: Wind Guardians Metal Empire


One of the "Deva Digimon", it is a Perfect Digimon with a form resembling the Rooster. As a follower of the Four Holy Beasts Digimon Baihumon, it likes to quarrel and gossip above all else. With its provocative attitude, it will pick a fight with its opponent one way or another, but when they move to attack, it immediately draws its head and wings within its spherical armor. Its armor is the hardest among all of the Deva's equipment, and once it gets inside of the armor, it is absolutely protected. During battle, it is occasionally possible to cut through the breach when it rolls around in that state. Just like Kumbhiramon, it carries the Bǎo Chǔ on its back, and its Special Move consists of unleashing an intense lightning strike from it (Púyaváha).

Evolves From

Akatorimon (Jogressed with Cockatrimon) DSMS
Airdramon Digital Monster: D-Project
Cockatrimon (Jogressed with Akatorimon) DSMS
Diatrymon DSMS
Kiwimon Digimon Masters
Lighdramon Bo-570
Opossumon Bo-825
Mercuremon Bo-825
Peckmon Da-583
Swanmon Bo-825
Unimon Da-583

Evolves To

Baihumon DM02-112
Chronomon Holy Mode (with Butenmon and Taomon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Hououmon (Jogressed with Garudamon or Butenmon, Garudamon and Parrotmon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Ravmon Da-602
Valdurmon (Jogressed with Silphymon) DSMS

Source: Wikimon

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