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Skull Greymon

Skull Greymon

Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Skeleton St-32 Undead DD
Field: Nightmare Soldiers Dragon's Roar


A Skeleton Digimon whose whole body has become nothing but bones. It was a Digimon that put too much importance on fighting, and as a result of its combat instinct it clung to life despite its body rotting away, becoming Skull Greymon. As Skull Greymon doesn't have even a scrap of intelligence to balance its combat instinct, its existence is a threat to other Digimon. Its Special Move is an organic missile launched from its spinal cord (Ground Zero).

Evolves From

Angemon St-32
Ankylomon DSCS
Bakemon DW
Birdramon PDW
Black Growmon Bo-638
Centalmon PDW
Dark Tyranomon DS
Deltamon St-952
Devidramon (Jogressed with or without Greymon) DSSM
Devimon DW
Ebidramon (Jogressed with Monochromon) DSSM
Evilmon Bo-223
Flare Lizarmon (Jogressed with or without Strikedramon) St-801
Gargomon St-952
Garurumon DW
Geo Greymon DSCS
Greymon (Jogressed with or without XV-mon , Devidramon or the Crest of Courage) DA16
Greymon (Black) Bo-638
Growmon DWReD
Kabuterimon St-32
Meramon PDW
Metal Greymon (Virus) (Death Evolution) DW
Mojyamon DW
Monochromon (Jogressed with or without Ebidramon) DSSM
Shima Unimon Bo-223
Strikedramon (Jogressed with Flare Lizarmon) St-801
Tortamon DC
Tyranomon DWReD
V-dramon PDW

Evolves To

Black War Greymon (Jogressed with or without Allomon) Digimon Story: SunburstDigimon Story: Moonlight
Chaosdramon (Jogressed with Phelesmon) St-807
Chimairamon (with Monochromon, Garurumon, Kabuterimon, Kuwagamon and Airdramon) Digimon Xros Wars - Chapter 10Digimon Xros Wars: Xros Revolution The Guide to Miracles
Demon DSCS
Millenniumon Digimon Fortune
Mugendramon Bo-436
Shine Greymon DSCS
Skull Mammon (Jogressed with or without Vamdemon or Atlur Kabuterimon (Blue)) DSSM
Super Dark Knightmon (with Dark Knightmon and Skull Satamon) XW21
Titamon DSCS
War Greymon DWReD
War Greymon X-Antibody (Jogressed with Kumbhiramon and Master Tyranomon) Sx-12

Source: Wikimon

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