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Skull Knightmon: Cavalier Mode

Skull Knightmon: Cavalier Mode

Main Info

Attribute: -
Type: Enhancement DD
Field: -


The "Assault Mode" in which Skull Knightmon is mounted on Deadly Axemon. Its main purpose is for getting close to the opponent by speeding like a bullet, defying all obstacles.
With its "Kiba Braver" it cuts the opponent apart as it charges at them, and after that, Deadly Axemon transforms into "Pulverization-armament Mode" to fight joined with Skull Knightmon. If the progress of a battle becomes unfavorable it changes back into "Assault Mode" and hastily retreats from the battlefield.
Deadly Axemon, who possesses limitless stamina, does not tire, so it can repeat this process without accident, and for a short while Deadly Axemon's way of fighting is more feared on the battlefield than Skull Knightmon's.

Evolves From

Skull Knightmon + Deadly Axemon Digimon Xros Wars - Episode 19Digimon Xros Wars: Legendary Deckerdramon Stir

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