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Skull Satamon

Skull Satamon

Main Info

Level: Perfect DD Ultimate Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer  Digimon Adventure: Cathode TamerCathode Tamer
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Undead DD
Field: Nightmare Soldiers


Pursuing strength and destruction, it fell to the Dark Area as a Fallen Angel Digimon with its appearance a ruin of what it once was. However, its wickedness was refined even more, so that its dark powers are unfathomable. Its Digicore, concentrated with mighty powers of darkness, is the characteristic of Demon-species Digimon called the "Dark Core". Its Special Move "Nail Bone" is a terrifying technique which fires a powerful light from the jewel at the end of its staff, which disrupts and obliterates the opponent's data.

Evolves From

Black Growmon St-366
Centalmon Digimon Fortune
Dark Lizarmon (Jogressed with Devimon) Bo-190
Dark Tyranomon St-207
Devimon (Jogressed with or without Orgemon or Dark Lizarmon) Bo-190
Dobermon St-770
Drimogemon Digimon Fortune
Goatmon St-207
Ice Devimon
Karatsuki Numemon (Jogressed with Nise Drimogemon) Bo-190
Meramon Bo-1061
Musyamon (Jogressed with Soulmon) Bo-190
Nise Drimogemon (Jogressed with Karatsuki Numemon) Bo-190
Orgemon (Jogressed with or without Devimon) V-15Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01: Another Tamer
Raremon St-207
Scumon Digimon Fortune
Shellmon Digimon Fortune
Soulmon (Jogressed with Musyamon) Bo-190
Stingmon Bo-1061
Strikedramon St-770
Togemogumon St-366
Unimon Digimon Fortune
XV-mon St-366

Evolves To

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